Help with my programming homework (python, and raptor)

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On Thu, 07 Nov 2013 12:07:06 +1100, Chris Angelico wrote:

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>> Employee Salaries Use the following test data to test your program.
>> Employee Name   Salary John    $45,600         Average Salary: $63,
>> 862.50 Sue     $55,400         Highest Salary: $89,750 David   $64,700 
>>        Lowest Salary:  $45,600 Betty   $89,750
> We're not a "do your homework for you" list. Start by writing as much as
> you can yourself, then figure out exactly where you're stuck and ask a
> specific question. We're happy to help you learn Python - that's the
> future of programming anyway - and so we will not help you to not-learn
> Python by getting someone else to do your work. Nobody here wants to
> turn you into a course-qualified but utterly incompetent programmer :)
> ChrisA

If you are totally unsure where to start try blocking out the flow of the 
process in simple sentences & post that.
we can then advise if the process is correct & suggest improvements.


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