Python 3.3.2 Shell Message

Ned Deily nad at
Thu Nov 7 19:22:27 CET 2013

In article <BLU170-W5070CFBBC32E1420E468B5ABF30 at phx.gbl>,
 Bart Montgomery <longfayeu at> wrote:

I just starting out and am using the Python For Kids book. 
> I have an 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac running OS X 10.6.8,
and I¹m getting 
> this message when I open IDLE: 


Warning: The version of Tcl/Tk (8.5.7) in 
> use may be
unstable. Visit for 
> current


Not sure how to proceed. 




It is telling you that the Tcl/Tk on OS X 10.6 is buggy when used with IDLE.  
Go to ActiveState's web site and download their latest 8.5 installer for OS X 
and install it on your machine.  Restart IDLE and the message should no longer 
appear and your experience with IDLE should be much better.

 Ned Deily,
 nad at

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