pywin32 programming error on Win7 with shell.SHGetDesktopFolder, desktop.BindToObject, desktop.GetDisplayNameOf

iMath redstone-cold at
Sun Nov 10 13:39:14 CET 2013

I solved it like the following

from import shell, shellcon
import os
def launch_file_explorer(path, files):
    Given a absolute base path and names of its children (no path), open
    up one File Explorer window with all the child files selected
    folder_pidl = shell.SHILCreateFromPath(path,0)[0]
    desktop = shell.SHGetDesktopFolder()
    shell_folder = desktop.BindToObject(folder_pidl, None,shell.IID_IShellFolder)
    name_to_item_mapping = dict([(desktop.GetDisplayNameOf(item, shellcon.SHGDN_FORPARSING|shellcon.SHGDN_INFOLDER), item) for item in shell_folder])
    to_show = []
    for file in files:
        if file in name_to_item_mapping:
        # else:
            # raise Exception('File: "%s" not found in "%s"' % (file, path))

    shell.SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems(folder_pidl, to_show, 0)

launch_file_explorer(p, os.listdir(p))

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