chunking a long string?

Roy Smith roy at
Fri Nov 8 19:24:40 CET 2013

Oh my, it turns out I don't really need to do this after all, due to previously undiscovered uber-coolness in the tools I'm using!

My use case is that from inside of a Django view, I needed to retrieve a large file via a HTTP GET, and serve that back up, with some time delays inserted into the data stream.  Turns out, requests (uber-cool tool #1) provides a way to iterate over the content of a GET, and Django (uber-cool tool #2) provides a way to build a HttpResponse from the data in an iterator.  Epiphany!  I ended up with (essentially) this:

def stream_slow(request, song_id):
    """Streams a song, but does it extra slowly, for client testing                                                                             
    def _slow_stream(r, chunk_size):
        for chunk in r.iter_content(chunk_size):
            yield chunk

    url = get_url(song_id)
    response = requests.get(url, stream=True)
    return HttpResponse(_slow_stream(response, 1024))

On Nov 8, 2013, at 12:59 PM, Nick Cash wrote:

>> I have a long string (several Mbytes).  I want to iterate over it in manageable chunks
> This is a weirdly common question. See for several solutions.
> It's been proposed to be added to itertools before, but rejected: and 
> - Nick Cash 

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