datetime question

Roy Smith roy at
Wed Nov 13 01:43:45 CET 2013

In article <Eqsgu.53488$F07.39752 at fx06.am4>,
 Alister <alister.ware at> wrote:

> > Best practices say to move the value from local time to UTC as soon as
> > possible, then store/use the UTC time internally for all operations. 
> > Only when it's about to be presented to the user should you convert it
> > back to local time if you need to.
> > 
> > -tkc
> & it is probably best converted to local time client side (as has already 
> been suggested) you may end up with a situation where the server is in 
> the USA & your user is in Portugal.

Or, your server is in California, your user is in Portugal, and he 
prefers to keep his laptop on New York time.

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