my favorite line of py code so far

Peter Cacioppi peter.cacioppi at
Sat Nov 9 10:23:20 CET 2013

Peter Otten said:

">>> _ = lambda c: lambda x: c(*x) 
>>> list(map(_(P), zip([1,2,3], [6, 5, 4]))) 
[Point(x=1, y=6), Point(x=2, y=5), Point(x=3, y=4)] 

? While the obvious approach would be 

>>> [P(*args) for args in zip([1,2,3], [6, 5, 4])] 
[Point(x=1, y=6), Point(x=2, y=5), Point(x=3, y=4)] "

I would have coded 
>>> map(_(P), zip([1,2,3], [6, 5, 4]))

Which is very concise and (to me) quite clear. Forgive me for having a bias for fewer characters.

Are you saying it's always preferable to avoid map? Is map going to be deprecated? 

I sometimes use map, sometimes comprehensions. I suspect other people do the same, that's why the language supports map and comprehensions. 

"there is also itertools.starmap(): "

Thanks, that's a bit closer to what I am doing.  To me the pure combinator is more appealing than starmap, but the presence of starmap explains why the library wouldn't need the combinator.

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