New user's initial thoughts / criticisms of Python

John von Horn j.h69 at
Sat Nov 9 21:19:03 CET 2013

On Sat, 09 Nov 2013 07:08:25 -0600, John von Horn wrote:

Thanks so much for the replies. I'll get my head down and keep on going. 
Sometimes it's great to be wrong. I have a good feeling about this 
language. It's also nice that I can tap into this pool of knowledge that 
is comp.lang.python - I'll be heading down to that watering hole on a 
regular basis. *Help, Help - the python's got me, I've been ambushed*

And a "thank you" [guys] - alright!

My next program:

print 'And a '"thank you"' [guys] to the screen, expanding the list of 
guys to their individual names that have replied to my opening comment.
displayed as a comma delimited list.

Time to say "goodbye" to "Hello World" and take it to the next level. 
First floor, here I come.

We are on a mission! I'm lovin' it.


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