Trying tcompile an use the Python 3.4a

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Thu Nov 14 20:12:38 CET 2013

On 14/11/2013 02:55, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> Please Mark, and anyone else reading, I'm begging you on bended knee,
> take your flaming off list. You can be a valued member of this community
> when you put your mind to it, but your prideful refusal to stop attacking
> Nikos is helping to wreck this community.

No need for the bended knee old chap, although if you want some kind of 
part I'm fairly sure that Chris Angelico could find you something in one 
of his Gilbert and Sullivan productions.

Talking of Chris, I see that he, Robert Kern and alister (possibly 
others?) have all pointed out to our illustrious Greek colleague that 
his latest question, which has been repeated three times to my 
knowledge, isn't Python related and would he please ask it elsewhere. 
Hopefully this pattern will continue, meaning the end of hostilities.

I'll give up mentioning the spoon feeders part in this rather unpleasant 
interlude.  Doh!!!

Python is the second best programming language in the world.
But the best has yet to be invented.  Christian Tismer

Mark Lawrence

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