Trying tcompile an use the Python 3.4a

Chris Angelico rosuav at
Thu Nov 14 02:27:58 CET 2013

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 12:14 PM, Denis McMahon
<denismfmcmahon at> wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Nov 2013 16:17:22 +0200, Ferrous Cranus wrote:
>> root at secure [/home/nikos/www/cgi-bin]# python3 -V Python 3.4.0a4
> Let me just check.
> Nobody is so stupid as to run alpha software on a production server[1]
> are they?
> [1] In this context, "production server" means any system facing the
> public internet upon which python code is executed in response to inputs
> from the public internet.

I don't know that that's necessarily stupid. For a lot of my work,
I've been using a trunk version of Pike (7.9.11 currently), and if I
were working more heavily with Python on my servers, I would consider
using alpha versions if there were features that I wanted (or fixes
that I needed). It's not stupid, but it does require a "hand on the
tiller" so to speak; running alpha code - or, for that matter, any
code you compiled yourself - in production means taking responsibility
for it. I'm confident of my own ability to keep up with changes, but
for most people, I would strongly recommend taking, in order: (1) the
Python that your distro provides; (2) a published stable
version; (3) a preproduction (eg RC) version; and finally (4) anything
else, including straight from Mercurial. The further down that list
you go, the more work you have to do yourself to ensure compatibility,
dependency management, etcetera.


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