Oh look, another language (ceylon)

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 19 00:51:40 CET 2013

On 17/11/2013 22:48, Tim Daneliuk wrote:
> On 11/17/2013 04:33 PM, Gregory Ewing wrote:
>> Mark Lawrence wrote:
>>> As a rule of thumb people don't like change?  This obviously assumes
>>> that language designers are people :)
>> That's probably true (on both counts).
>> I guess this means we need to encourage more
>> Pythoneers to become language designers!
> Ahem, I already commented on this in some detail"
> https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-list/2004-September/241055.html

Fantastic, very promising indeed.  I know it needs bringing up to date, 
but to make it fly can I safely assume that we'll be seeing a PEP fairly 

As an aside, I noticed that the previous message was "negative stride 
list slices", why do I have a strong sense of deja vu?

I refuse to mention another message that I noticed whilst browsing, on 
the grounds that I don't want to be accused of multiple manslaughter by 
way of causing heart attacks :)

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But the best has yet to be invented.  Christian Tismer

Mark Lawrence

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