Most discussion on comp.lang.python is about developing with Python

bob gailer bgailer at
Wed Nov 13 21:35:56 CET 2013

I joined a week or so ago.

The subject line was copied from the description of comp.lang.python aka 
python-list at

I am very disappointed to see so much energy and bandwidth going to 
conversations that bash individuals.

Is there a moderator for this list?

Is there some other place for discussions that are completely OT and 
also full of flames?

Or would you be willing to stop the bashing? I don't see that it helps 
anyone, and could be very offputting to other newbies.

I hope and pray that there will be a few simple answers. The last thing 
I want is to start another flame war.

Thanks for hearing me.

Bob Gailer
Chapel Hill NC

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