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Cameron Simpson cs at
Thu Nov 14 01:50:29 CET 2013

On 13Nov2013 23:48, Steven D'Aprano <steve+comp.lang.python at> wrote:
> As a community, it is difficult to balance the conflicting needs here. If 
> we ignore Nikos completely, we appear unfriendly and indifferent to those 
> asking for help. If we answer his questions, we encourage him to post. It 
> is hard to find the right balance, if there even is a right balance, and 
> people can have differing ideas of what that right balance is.

For myself, I try to:

  - reply to interesting questions if I can help

  - ignore the non-technical content (flames etc)
    just trim it and ignore it
    try to set a good example in the reply without berating the flamer

  - on repeated flamage, try "please don't flame; try to stay technical; etc"
    but always with some accompanying techincal response

  - eventually give up and ignore threads or subthreads involving the
    person hurting my brain

I think etiquette criticism that is a small aside in a technical
response, if not done frequently, should be useful; it is a bit of
push back without derailing the discussion. Etiquette criticism on
its own, if on-list, I think derails the discussion and leads more
readily to further bickering. And aggressive criticism is even more
damaging that criticism alone.

Trying not to feed the trolls,
Cameron Simpson <cs at>

A Newbie: I was not asking the question to start any flames. [...] Nobody
    has to get to the low levels of argument and be rude to each other.
Paul Tsai <pault at>:
    Oh yes we do, grasshopper.  It's a requisite for  One must
    transcend the infinity of illussions before getting the real techno whiz
    answers to questions of such profundity as yours.
John Stafford <stafford at>:
    No, he's right. After reading r.m. for a couple of years, I feel capable
    of being rude to ANYONE at ANY level of argument. In fact the higher they
    come, the harder they fall.....

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