Program Translation - Nov. 14, 2013

Charlton Wilbur cwilbur at
Mon Nov 18 05:22:30 CET 2013

>>>>> "BB" == Ben Bacarisse <ben.usenet at> writes:

    BB> There is a slight air in unreality to all this, 

This is a far more polite way of putting it than I would.  It's an
earthquake predictor based on pseudoscience and technobabble.

    BB> Finally, why are you timing Perl arithmetic?  A translation into
    BB> Perl does not seem to be an option.

EDG has been trying ineffectually to get this suite of programs to work,
integrating them with gnuplot and a Perl web application, for as long as
I can remember.  I suspect years ago someone told him that Perl was the
One True Language for web applications and the evidence of the
intervening decade has not been enough to convince him otherwise.

Followups set to comp.lang.perl.misc; c.l.python and c.l.fortran have
enough crazy overlap from c.l.p.m without adding me to the mix.


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