Program Translation - Nov. 14, 2013

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Sun Nov 17 17:17:59 CET 2013

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       All of the necessary information regarding this effort has now been 
obtained.  So, further discussions of this particular project will probably 
take place in only the Fortran Newsgroup.  If and when the project is 
completed I will probably post another general note about it.

       The retired computer programmer that I am working with has agreed to 
work on it.  If we can generate a modern Fortran translation of the original 
program code then that will be made available to people and probably tested 
by Fortran users.  And researchers around the world can then work with that 
code if they wish.  But, if my programming colleague is going to do any work 
on modifying the newer program code then that will need to be done using 
True BASIC as that is the only language he will work with.  So, for our own 
work, its that language or nothing.

       The project is in my opinion worthwhile as the Etgtab program seems 
to be so unique.  No other freeware program can generate those data as far 
as I am aware.  And it has been my own experience that True BASIC code is 
very easy to translate into virtually any other language.

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