Program Translation - Nov. 14, 2013

Terence tbwright at
Sat Nov 16 10:31:30 CET 2013

I downloaded the packed file mentioned, extracted the files and had a look
at the Fortran sources given:

The ETGTAB.FOR file had double spacing, which Iremoved automatically, then
compared the two sources automatically (passing and copying equals and
offering choice between lexically different lines).

The two files were now very nearly identical, but the .FOR file had some
CALLs to GEOEXT(IUIT6,DEXTIM) which were commented out in the other; also
calls to LAHEY timing functions not used in the .F version (and a minor
change in two format statements which effectively just changed the shift in
the output report).

I don't see why not either source (given access to the external GEOEXT, etc,
fuctions) shouldn't be left for compilation (and later running) by any F77
or later compiler. The code is still valid.

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