Implementing #define macros similar to C on python

Roy Smith roy at
Fri Nov 15 05:10:03 CET 2013

In article <fae7479b-ecec-4114-9750-6595fa8c78fa at>,
 JL <lightaiyee at> wrote:

> One of my favorite tools in C/C++ language is the preprocessor macros.
> One example is switching certain print messages for debugging use only
> DEBUG_PRINT   print
> #else
> Is it possible to implement something similar in python? Thank you.

Why would you want to?  One of the most horrible things about C/C++ is 
the preprocessor.  Python has much better mechanisms to implement just 
about anything you would do with the preprocessor.

For the example you gave, you would log things as info() or debug(), and 
then adjust the filter level in the logger.

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