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Fri Nov 15 18:06:25 CET 2013


On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 10:32:54AM -0500, Roy Smith wrote:
> Anybody remember RAD-50?  It let you represent a 6-character filename
> (plus a 3-character extension) in a 16 bit word.  RT-11 used it, not
> sure if it showed up anywhere else.

Presumably 16 is a typo, but I just had a moderate amount of fun
envisaging how that might work: if the characters were restricted to
vowels, then 5**6 < 2**14, giving a couple of bits left over for a
choice of four preset "three-character" extensions.

I can't say that AEIOUA.EX1 looks particularly appealing, though ...


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