Sharing Python installation between architectures

Paul Smith paul at
Sun Nov 17 16:58:23 CET 2013

On Sun, 2013-11-17 at 10:46 -0500, Paul Smith wrote:
> Unfortunately, if you set PYTHONHOME then it's used for both $PREFIX and
> $EXECPREFIX without any path probing whatsoever, so PYTHONHOME is
> unusable with an installation where you've used different values for
> --prefix and --exec-prefix during configure.

Gak.  Never mind.  That's what you get when you're trying to hack
relocatable installations at 3am: even after some sleep you think you
know what's going on.

PYTHONHOME accepts a colon-separated list for prefix:exec-prefix.  This
is even clearly documented, even in the error output from the
interpreter when it can't find its installation!

Making this change in my wrapper script for GDB gets everything working.


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