Question regarding 2 modules installed via 'pip'

Ferrous Cranus nikos.gr33k at
Sat Nov 16 16:11:15 CET 2013

Τη Σάββατο, 16 Νοεμβρίου 2013 5:04:41 μ.μ. UTC+2, ο χρήστης Ned Batchelder έγραψε:
> On Saturday, November 16, 2013 8:59:13 AM UTC-5, Ferrous Cranus wrote:
> > Στις 16/11/2013 3:53 μμ, ο/η Joel Goldstick έγραψε:
> > > not related to python
> > >
> Nikos, stop this.  You are sending repeated emails with no new information, and no evidence that you have tried anything, about off-topic questions.  This will only annoy people on the list.

My first post had information  within it.
Alo i have managed to utilize EPEL repository and install python33 and python-pip using it without ZERO help from you.

Now i cant overcome the moules obstacle although i ave installed it like

pip install pymysql
pip install pygeoip

Why cant i use it?

How can i unistall it and install it properly?
If you know and wont tell me but instead you devote time to make ironic comments against me i will re-post the exact same question each time.

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