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Sun Nov 17 12:50:45 CET 2013

On Sunday, November 17, 2013 2:42:05 PM UTC+5:30, Ferrous Cranus wrote:
> Στις 16/11/2013 6:46 μμ, ο/η YBM έγραψε:
> > You are utterly stupid:
> > 1st: rm does not read its standard input so doing
> > whatever | rm -fr is useless
> > 2st: even if it had worked (i.e. removed the files) they
> > would still appear with locate, as locate is just reading
> > a database build every day by updatedb (using find btw)
> > What you want to do can be done this way :
> > find / -name python3.4 -exec rm -rf {} \;

> 'find / -name python34 | xargs -rf' does what i need it do

> it works similar to find's built-in exec method using as argument 
> whatever matches results to.

> find / -name python3.4 -exec rm -rf {}

> So both have same effect i assume.

Hey Nikos!


Just having a sip of tangy, warm olive oil+lemon (from Greece!) on a
COLD Europe morning and am experiencing a feeling of kindness towards
you. Since this is a rare cosmic event and unlikely to recur, let me
capitalize on this feeling while it lasts.

You see I am a warm-blooded tropical animal -- completely unused to
this cold.  Very sweet people out here but I keep having the question:
Am I going to survive this? And I have a loud resonance with all your
thrashings -- programming, python, CS, web, unicode, cookies,
mysql... and God knows what else -- hitting you as the cold is hitting

As it happens I am with a colleague: "Come out and walk in the
street!"  I resist every time and then when I go out and see people
walking cycling and unbelievably enjoying themselves, the cold becomes
a little more bearable. In my more balanced and less traumatized
moments I can actually see that "cold" is much more of a perception
than a fact.

In short as I listen to this kind colleague of mine, I get little by

If you would listen to your friends on this list, you too will get
acclimatized to all this "horrible" stuff that is confusing and
hitting you.  The only condition is: 
You need to listen.
Acclimatization is NOT about getting others to solve your
problems, it is about listening to kind advice and using that to solve
your problems.  Its no use asking my friend to wear coats and go out
in the cold for me -- Ive to do it myself.

Coming to your current problem.  Unix (Linux) is a way of life that
you need to get used to.  If you dont understand commands and pipes
and all that stuff, I dont blame you but you need to listen to what
advice you are given in order to start understanding and finding your
way around.

[Also your specific question -- deinstalling python (modules) -- is
certainly more relevant to this list than many of your other questions
so I am saying something in this regard. The general question of unix
usage is not appropriate for this list]

rm is a very dangerous Unix command.  The amount of times Ive had
students come to me with tears saying "I lost weeks of work... I
deleted all my files" is not funny.

Personally, as someone using unix for about 30 years, I am always a bit paranoid with rm.
Just rm -- be careful
rm -rf much more careful 
rm inside a find I just never do.

So what do I do?

find / -name python3.4 -print > filelist

Then look at that filelist.

Even if there are hundreds of files, they will be in a handful of
directories.  Mostly the best bet is to remove those directories by
hand.  Then rerun the find to check that you have cleaned up.

As for pip: yeah its a mess. pip+pypi in python is a mess;
cabal+hackage in haskell is a mess; gem in ruby is a mess.  The only
thing that really works smoothly is apt in ubuntu/debian and that's a
few months/years behind the time.

This should not be the case but it is.  And the solution (not very
good but better than nothing) is to use sandboxes combined with pip.
Its called virtualenv.

There is a forum for that!aboutgroup/python-virtualenv
Hopefully, you will have learnt from your lessons here to behave
in a way that will get you more help and less enemies there.

Just remember: There are people on this list who know enormously more
than you and me. I always try to do my due diligence before taking
their time. If one is a normal reasonably knowledgeable person, one
should expect to spend 3 times more effort understanding an answer
than the person giving the answer. If one is clueless noob its more
like 10 times.

Skimp on that and we are wasting everyone's time including our own.

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