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Sun Nov 17 14:33:02 CET 2013

Op 17-11-13 14:07, Mark Lawrence schreef:
> On 17/11/2013 12:57, Ned Batchelder wrote:
>> On Sunday, November 17, 2013 7:45:05 AM UTC-5, Mark Lawrence wrote:
>>> On 17/11/2013 12:34, Ned Batchelder wrote:
>>>> YBM: I'm going to politely ask you again to please stop.
>>>> 1) Don't answer off-topic questions here.  It only encourages more off-topic questions.
>>>> 2) Don't be abusive.
>>>> 3) Lastly, your abuse is in the form of a (rhetorical) question, which is likely to simply cause another answer, which we don't want.
>>>> Thanks, please do what you can to make this community the kind that you want.
>>>> --Ned.
>>> So I'll ask again, why is YBM singled out for the code of conduct when I
>>> can't remember it ever being aimed at Nikos?  This strikes me as dual
>>> standards, something that I dislike intensely.
>>> Mark Lawrence
>> Mark, if you are going to play the self-appointed policeman of fairness,
>> you need to stay on top of things.  I posted this message within the last
>> day, on this very thread:
>> --Ned.
> Brilliant, he's been plaguing us for months and you pulled him up yesterday,

> but YBM gets singled out first time (s)he's here, I really love the consistency.
> How many other people have the code of conduct thrust down their throats the
> first time they arrive here, very few I imagine?

I don't think this is helping. AFAIU you wished for a change in behaviour on
this list. You thought people were tolerating Nikos's deviantion from the
code of conduct for far too long. So of course people will not be consistent
with the past, because that would mean that should a second Nikos arrive here
the chance of repeating the past would be very high. So of course people
will get the code of conduct trust down on them sooner than happened in the past.

AFAICS, Ned is putting a lot of energy into trying to limit the damage that
Nikos's threads can impose of the list. Is it perfect? No, but I very much
appreciate what he is doing none the less because it is far more preferable
than what happened in the past.

Antoon Pardon

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