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Sat Nov 16 23:07:52 CET 2013

Op 16-11-13 22:44, Mark Lawrence schreef:
> On 16/11/2013 21:26, Antoon Pardon wrote:
>> Please don't encourage our Help Vampire. I know this is generally a
>> welcoming community that is generous with its expertise, even if
>> someone asks questions beyond python. But Nikos abuses that generousity
>> which angers and frustrates a lot of people and generates a lot of
>> hostility here.
>> So we need people not to encourage Nikos and that means being rather
>> less friendly with him than with others. So please ignore non
>> python questions from him. With respect to python questions: Don't
>> spoon feed him. Don't answer his questions for him or do his work for
>> him. Give him the information he needs to find things out himself,
>> preferably refer him to the documentation.
> Although I agree with the sentiments that you give above, I've come to 
> the conclusion that giving him anything is a complete waste of our time.
> Why answer his questions if he then states he doesn't want to do it that
> way?  Why refer him to documentation if he refuses to read it?
> I don't like saying this but I believe the only way to get any peace
> around here is to ignore him completely.  Surely by now he's way past
> his "three strikes and you're out" limit?

Well I personnaly tend to agree. However I fear that a number of persons
will always feel uncomfortable with ignoring Nikos completely. So I see
this as a compremise. Those who feel they can't completely ignore Nikos
can in this way still contribute in a way that doesn't encourage the
help vampiristic behaviour.

And maybem just maybe if enough people only refer him to the documentation
Nikos will finally start reading them.

Antoon Pardon

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