Beginner python 3 unicode question

Luuk luuk at invalid.lan
Sat Nov 16 22:10:32 CET 2013

On 16-11-2013 21:57, Laszlo Nagy wrote:
>> the error is in one of the lines you did not copy here....
>> because this works without problems:
>> <<BEGIN-of script>>
>> #!/usr/bin/python
> Most probably, your /usr/bin/python program is python version 2, and not
> python version 3
> Try the same program with /usr/bin/python3. And also try the interactive
> mode with the same program and I think you will see the same phenomenon.

adding some '()' helped:
<<BEGIN-of script>>

import uuid
import base64
print (base64.b32encode(uuid.uuid1().bytes)[:-6].lower())
<<END-of script>>

~/temp> python3 --version
Python 3.3.0

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