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Hello Richard and welcome!

On Sun, 17 Nov 2013 09:41:31 +1100, Chris Angelico wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 9:25 AM, ngangsia akumbo <ngangsia at>
> wrote:
>> I am called Richard m from western Africa, Cameroon. It was a pleasure
>> for me to join this group.
>> i Need some advise on how, and what python can help me setup a
>> business?
> Frankly, my advice to you is: Don't. You've been writing code for a few
> months, that's great; but starting a company is a completely different
> thing to do.

Chris, be careful about making assumptions about the business environment 
in other countries. I have no idea whether the cultural and regulatory 
issues surrounding running your own business (whether a formal company 
structure or just a sole trader) is easier or harder in Cameroon compared 
to Australia, and I'm willing to bet neither are you :-)

Richard, to answer your question, what can Python do to help you set up 
and run a business, that depends. What sort of business do you intend to 
run? The answer we give will depend on whether you expect your Python 
skills to be something you can make money from directly (e.g. "hire me, I 
am an expert Python programmer") or not (e.g. using Python as a tool to 
make your business more efficient).

If your business is in the IT industry, then you can offer Python 
consulting services, Python programming, web development with Python. You 
can use Python for developing your own internal tools that you use. If 
you have a website, you can create it using a large number of Python web 
frameworks, like Django, Zope, CherryPy, and others.

If your business is in some other industry, then Python may be less 
useful to you. Again, you can use Python to create your website. Other 
than that, it depends entirely on what your business does. If your 
business is landscape gardening, then there's probably nothing Python can 
do to help. If your business is analysing stock prices, then Python may 
be very, very useful indeed.

As a general rule, the closer your business is to IT and computing 
services, then the more likely it is that you can find ways to use Python 
to help you. But without knowing more, I can't say anything further.

> I would recommend that you primarily code purely for pleasure

And such a luxury it is, to have the free time to spend programming just 
for pleasure :-)


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