Python Beginner

ngangsia akumbo ngangsia at
Mon Nov 18 05:02:27 CET 2013

Thank you guys for the replies

Cameroon is a third world country, the IT skills of the people here is far from attaining any legitimacy.

Many people are doing business here just like in the days of the Roman empire when computers had not been invented.

We have many companies needing skills professionals to solve their IT problems which they can't find and always have to hire from abroad.

Talking about problem in IT you can think of the most basic problem.

Taxation, databases, accounting, simple apps for businesses , tracking systems, bookkeeping, Mobil apps for city direction, etc, which i can't identify all being a python beginner. 

We don't even have a University that offer a full flesh computer science course and most of the guys who even do it, most know it in theory and they don't have the ability to write reasonable code to solve present problems.

The problems are enormous but i don't know all of them yet, but you can think of the most basic IT problems. 

Honestly not many people here have the patience to sit down and learn how to code, cause Cameroonians are not that too patient

With my knowledge of python, i wanted to get some advice or pathway guide.

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