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On Nov 16, 2013, at 5:25 PM, ngangsia akumbo <ngangsia at> wrote:

> I am called Richard m from western Africa, Cameroon. It was a pleasure for me to join this group.
> I have been learning python for about 4 months now and i have already mastered alot as far as the language is concern.
> I am learning how to code, firstly because i love coding and i like to do stuffs.
> secondly, i wihs to start a small company after learning how to code
> I am learning python very broadly, meaning i am not concentrating on a single section. I wish to know the language and be able to apply it to any location in the field of tech.
> i Need some advise on how, and what python can help me setup a business?
> please just honest replies please
> -- 

Hi Richard m from western Africa, Cameroon, and welcome to the list.

Your question is VERY broad, and difficult for anyone who is not knowledgeable of the context/business-climate in Cameroon to answer (and I'm afraid that probably includes most of the people on this list.)

Chris' advice is spot on, BUT, and if for any reason you think circumstances in Cameroon would lead to a different answer - then, there are three general areas in which a python developer might be able to earn a bit of coin.

1)  Consulting, that is, if you know more about a subject than any OTHER businessman in the area, you may be able to sell answers to problems he/they may be having

2)  Web development, python (in combination with web-specific frameworks like django) is a really powerful tool for developing web sites

3) Specific, proprietary, application development, if there is some Cameroon-specific application that other locals like yourself would find so useful they would pay money to have it (or an application some local company would pay you for), you might be in a position to sell it.

BUT, please note that all three of these are full of "if", "may", and "might" qualifiers.  They are EXTREMELY difficult to slip through.


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