Where to find pip3 for python3

Ned Batchelder ned at nedbatchelder.com
Sun Nov 17 14:33:42 CET 2013

On Sunday, November 17, 2013 8:28:43 AM UTC-5, Ferrous Cranus wrote:
> python3.4 is gone at this stage. Now if i only could install pip for 
> Python 3.3.2
> Here is what i have tried:
> root at secure [~]# which python3
> /usr/bin/python3
> root at secure [~]# which pip
> /usr/bin/pip
> root at secure [~]# yum install pip3
> Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
> Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
>   * base: centos.secrel.com.br
>   * epel: mirror.imt-systems.com
>   * extras: centos.secrel.com.br
>   * remi: mirror5.layerjet.com
>   * updates: mirrors.ucr.ac.cr
> Setting up Install Process
> No package pip3 available.
> Error: Nothing to do
> Where to find 'pip3' for Python 3.3.2?

Nikos, your continued aggressive disrespect for this group will not get you the outcome you want.  Your off-topic question will continue to be ignored here, and you will only further cement your reputation as a difficult person, making it difficult for you to get help with Python questions in the future.

Find another way to get your question answered.

Please read this: http://www.python.org/psf/codeofconduct


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