Tim Golden mail at
Sun Nov 17 18:21:11 CET 2013

On 17/11/2013 17:09, Zero Piraeus wrote:
> Note: I drafted a version of this post earlier today. I had been waiting
> to see whether Nikos succeeded in baiting the list into yet another
> round of unpleasantness before sending it, because I didn't want to
> worsen the situation, but at this point things are completely out of
> hand, and even what looks like a consensus attempt to ignore Nikos out
> of existence is
> a) failing: I count eighteen emails so far today.
> b) going to lead casual visitors to assume either that we ignore
> requests for help or that the list is Nikos' personal echo chamber.
> At this point I consider Nikos' actions a conscious attack on the list.
> There is simply no way, after the many times he's been told not to
> repost, that this is anything other than a direct and deliberate attempt
> to annoy as many people as he can.
> That being the case, I'd like to know whether there are technical
> measures that can be taken to prevent him from posting here.

Thanks for bringing this up, Zero. Nikos appears to be posting through 
Usenet, apparently via eternal-september. I have emailed their abuse 
address to ask if any action can be taken. I have also asked the 
postmaster at what our option are the mail-news gateway.

Obviously this isn't just about one poster: we need a means to (trying 
to think of a better word than "police") the mailing list while allowing 
for the usual give and take of off-topicness, temporary argumentation 
and general banter. I and others are trying to bring to a focus off-list 
discussions about who has the appropriate responsibility and right to 
act in these cases.

FWIW today's outpouring has been more comical than tragic with few 
people taking the bait :)


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