Setting longer default decimal precision

Tim Golden mail at
Wed Nov 20 21:24:37 CET 2013

On 20/11/2013 19:34, Kay Y. Jheallee wrote:
> Ah, that looks like just the puppy I'm looking for. :)
> Okay then, I just installed the PortableApps version of Python,
> but when I downloaded "mpmath-0.17.win32" the installer aborted with "No
> Python installation found in the registry".
> So I'm trying to install "setuptools 1.4" (and do it that way) at
> but where is the "Download" link ("Downloads" just shifts down to the
> page section)?  I'm just looking for the ".zip" file version (if one
> exists), not ".tar.gz".

Yes, unfortunately you seem to have hit the "sour spot" of installation: 
Windows with a Portable Python.

I note that the setuptools page has a .whl, which is the brand new 
Python binary installer. Although designed to be installed with tool 
support, it is in fact a .zip file which you should be able to unpack 
into c:\python<xy>\lib\site-packages. It might be worth a try.

Please feel to come back for more help if needs be: you've hit an 
unfortunately bumpy patch in the Python experience and I'd prefer to 
smooth things out for you than have to turn away in disgust :)


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