How to install pip for python3 on OS X?

Craig Yoshioka craigyk at
Wed Nov 20 09:41:36 CET 2013

Mavericks?  Homebrew all the way.

Google Homebrew and install it
brew install python3
pip3 install pyserial

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> On Nov 19, 2013, at 10:55 PM, Travis Griggs <travisgriggs at> wrote:
> OSX (Mavericks) has python2.7 stock installed. But I do all my own personal python stuff with 3.3. I just flushed my 3.3.2 install and installed the new 3.3.3. So I need to install pyserial again. I can do it the way I've done it before, which is:
> Download pyserial from pypi
> untar pyserial.tgz
> cd pyserial
> python3 install
> But I'd like to do like the cool kids do, and just do something like pip3 install pyserial. But it's not clear how I get to that point. And just that point. Not interested (unless I have to be) in virtualenv yet.
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