Python RPM distribution with altinstall on Centos 5

thomas.lehmann at thomas.lehmann at
Tue Nov 19 09:40:49 CET 2013

Hi all,

I missed to find a Python 2.7.6 Centos 5 distribution.
Here's what I planned to do:

 - building from source on Centos 5 in a chroot (is working fine)
 - using "sudo make altinstall" (is working fine)

But ...

 - I want to build this via Jenkins (we have this kind of chroot
   build's still in place)
 - how to create a RPM for this concrete Centos 5 - Python version
   with the "altinstall" feature? (!! we require this !!)

Maybe you also have another idea on how to solve this ....

Kind Regards,

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