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Thu Nov 21 12:53:20 CET 2013

Op 20-11-13 19:09, Mark Lawrence schreef:
> On 20/11/2013 17:51, Ned Batchelder wrote:
>> On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 12:37:31 PM UTC-5, Mark Lawrence wrote:
>>> On 20/11/2013 17:12, Ned Batchelder wrote:
>>>> Nazi?  Perhaps we could stick to more appropriate analogies?
>>>> --Ned.
>>> It's an excellent analogy that I've used before, hence the smiley.
>>> Clearly you don't do any research before bothering to say anything.
>>> -- 
>>> Python is the second best programming language in the world.
>>> But the best has yet to be invented.  Christian Tismer
>>> Mark Lawrence
>> You think these two things make an excellent analogy?  1) a newsgroup
>> mishap being actively investigated, and 2) calculated genocide.  It is
>> not an excellent analogy, it's wildly disproportionate.
>> Using a smiley doesn't fix it, and using it previously doesn't give
>> you a free pass.  What research was I supposed to have done?  Examine
>> your previous posts to see you overreacting before?  That would hardly
>> have convinced me that this was OK.
>> --Ned.
> I suggest that you write to the BBC and get all episodes of the
> extremely popular *COMEDY* "Dad's Army" withdrawn as "typical shabby
> Nazi trick" was one of Captain Mainwearing's main lines.

Honestly? You expect people to recognize a main line from an old
television series?

> And if I want
> to overreact, I'll overreact, as I couldn't care two hoots whether I'm
> dealing with an arsehole from the Python Software Foundation or one
> who's not.

Now you sound just like Nikos.

Antoon Pardon

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