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David Froger david.froger at inria.fr
Fri Nov 22 11:24:35 CET 2013


> I'm thinking of porting a Python application that uses numpy for web,
> basically would like to upload a user-defined data, perform the
> calculations with numpy and plot charts with the general structure of a
> site such as a blog for example, I have studied a bit of django and
> web2py, but I wonder if there is some better framework? or how to choose
> a particular framework over another?

I've recently worked on the same kind of Python web application. I have a preference
for microframework, here is an explanation of what does micro mean:

And among all the good microframework available, I like Flask:
It has an excellent documentation, it is based on two great libraries: Werkzeug and
Jinja2, it has an extenstion system, it has active an has a growning
communinty ... and its written by Armin Ronacher!

Hope it helps.


> Since now, thanks
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