Got a Doubt ! Wanting for your Help ! Plz make it ASAP !

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Sun Nov 24 00:06:42 CET 2013

On Friday, November 22, 2013 8:18:03 PM UTC-6, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> As this is an international forum, it behoves us all to make allowances 
> for slight difference in dialect.

I don't thank so. What purpose does that serve?

If we allow people to speak INCORRECT English under the
guise of "political correctness" then no one will benefit.
The speaker will continue using the language improperly and
his audience will continue to be confused.

 "But Rick, we don't want to offend people!"

Piss off you spineless invertebrate!I would be more offended
if people did NOT correct me. People "correct" you when they
WANT you to learn, likewise, people "tolerate" you when they
want you to remain inferior.

 "Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society"

Only those societies with a vision for the future will
survive, that is, until they inevitably grow tired from the
intense competition and lose their vision THEN apathy sets
in and a NEW society steps in to fill the vacuum.

 "Competition is the engine that drives the cogs of evolution"

You are all but pawns in a greater game. It is better to die
fighting for SOMETHING, then to wither away intolerant of
NOTHING. There exists no utopia. And any pursuit of such
ends is foolish.

Have you ever even considered what sort of disgusting filth
humans would degenerate into if we achieved a utopia free
from competition? What would we do all day? What purpose
would our lives fulfill?

 "Would you eat if you were never hungry?"

Evolution will NEVER allow such a dismal state to prosper,
no, it will stamp out every attempt by convincing the strong
to conquer the weak -- and to do so with extreme prejudice!

The system abhors the weak; the system ridicules the weak;
because the weak serve no end but their own selfish and feeble
attempts to convince themselves they are not but lowly pawns.

 "Time to pull your head out of the sand!"

People like you don't want to accept the truth, you want to
believe that "living in harmony" is the answer. No, harmony
is a death wish. If you wish to reach a state of harmony,
then not only are you suicidal but you're homicidal also
because you obviously don't care about your fellow human
beings future progression.

If however, you cared about what really matters, you would
advise our Indian friend to speak better English. By
learning proper English he can become a productive member of
this society -- maybe one day even contributing something

But until his communication can rise above the level of a
3rd grade public school student in rural Kentucky, he is
draining resources instead of creating them!I WANT our Indian
friend to become proficient so that he *might* one day be a
*worthy* advisory for me to challenge.

Anyone can defeat the weak, only the strong have a snowballs
chance in hell to defeat the strong.

 "Who said chivalry was dead?"

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