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Tue Nov 26 08:47:54 CET 2013

Op 25-11-13 21:05, Joel Goldstick schreef:
>>> I'm not an expert on Indian English, but I understand that in that
>>> dialect it is grammatically correct to say "the codes", just as in UK and
>>> US English it is grammatically correct to say "the programs".
>>> In other words, in UK/US English, "code" in the sense of programming code
>>> is an uncountable noun, like "rice" or "air", while in Indian English it
>>> is a countable noun like cats or programs. We have to say "give me two
>>> samples of code", or perhaps "two code samples", while an Indian speaker
>>> might say "give me two codes".
>>> As this is an international forum, it behoves us all to make allowances
>>> for slight difference in dialect.
>> I don't see how that follows. I would say on the contrary. This being
>> an international forum people should try to reframe from burdening
>> lots of other people with expressions most people will not understand
>> or even misunderstand.
>> --
>> Antoon Pardon
>> --
> I see the different idioms as kind of interesting, and funny
> sometimes, but I don't think they pose a big barrier.

IMO that is because the differences in idoms you have seen here
are very minor and yet Roy already found it necessary to explain
the specific use of "doubt" by the OP.

Not that I mind that much but as has been said multiple times, a
contribution is only written once and read many times. So I think
we may expect more effort from the writer in trying to be
understandable than from the readers in trying to understand. And
that includes idiom use.

> Mostly, people
> don't provide OS or python version, or explain what they done and what
> happens.  That makes it harder to respond than figuring out how
> different people around the world say stuff.  I'm from US and I have
> done lots of phone calls with Indian developers.  To me it sounds
> strange to talk about codes, but I totally understand what they mean.

That is fine for you. But can you expect a random reader from
comp.lang.python to understand that without any explanation?

Antoon Pardon

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