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On 27 November 2013 03:57, Antoon Pardon <antoon.pardon at>wrote:

> So I can now ask my questions in dutch and expect others to try and
> understand me instead of me asking them in english? Or can I use
> literal translations of dutch idioms even if I suspect that such
> a literal translation could be misunderstood and even be insulting?

1. No, because this is stated to be an English-speaking list/newsgroup. It
just doesn't specify what dialect of English.

2. If you suspect that the literal translation could be misunderstood or
insulting, then I would expect you to make an effort to find a better
translation. If someone I didn't know posted it, I'd be willing to give
them leeway if the rest of their message indicated that they are used to
another dialect or language. If *you* posted it, I'd probably assume you
meant it, because I know your command of the english language is pretty
extensive ...

Participants are expected to attempt to be understandable in English, but I
personally expect responders to make an effort to work with multiple
dialects. If you're too unfamiliar with a dialect that you cannot respond,
either don't respond, or respond saying something like "I think I can help
here, but I'm confused about <unfamiliar phrase> - could you or someone
else clarify please?"

And if an unfamiliar dialect annoys you, killfile the person. No skin off
my nose.

Tim Delaney
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