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> On Saturday 23 November 2013 02:01:26 Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> > * Python is not Java, and Java is not Python either:
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> Thanks for all those references.
> There's this statement in the first article:
> "Got a switch statement? The Python translation is a hash table, not
> a bunch
> of if-then statments. Got a bunch of if-then's that wouldn't be a
> switch
> statement in Java because strings are involved? It's still a hash
> table. "
> I can't figure out how would you translate a switch statement into
> hash table
> in general case.
> --

It actually refers to python dictionaries, they use hash-able object as keys:

switch (foo):
  1: do_something()
  2: do_someotherthing()

can be written in python that way:

  1: do_something,
  2: do_someotherthing,

There are some limitation though, without going into details.



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