Using sh library with grep command

Luca Fabbri luca at
Sat Nov 23 18:23:12 CET 2013

On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 5:29 PM, Peter Otten <__peter__ at> wrote:
> Luca wrote:
>> I'm trying to use sh ( for calling
>> system grep command but it's now working as expected.
>> An example:
>>     import sh
>>     sh.grep('abc', os.getcwd(), '-r')
>> But I get the ErrorReturnCode_1: exception, that I learned is the
>> normal exit code for grep command when it not found any match.
>> The error instance object reported that the command run is:
>>     *** ErrorReturnCode_1:
>>       RAN: '/usr/bin/grep abc /Users/keul/test_sh'
>> Obviously manually running the command I get some output and exit code 0.
>> Where I'm wrong?
> Did you run grep with or without the -r option?
> The code sample and the error message don't match. Maybe you accidentally
> left out the -r in your actual code.

Sorry all, it was a stupid error and I provided a bad example.

I was running...
   sh.grep('"abc"', os.getcwd(), '-r')

...and the output of the command inside the exception was exactly...
    RAN: '/usr/bin/grep "abc" /Users/keul/test_sh -r'

So, at first glance it was ok (copying/pasting it in in the terminal
return exactly was I expected).

The error? The doublequote inclusion.

Using this...
   sh.grep('abc', os.getcwd(), '-r')

...I  get this output...
    RAN: '/usr/bin/grep abc /Users/keul/test_sh -r'

But this time I get the expected result (both in terminal and python
env). So seems that when quoting you get a false positive right
command output but a wrong execution.

-- luca


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