Parallel Python x.y.A and x.y.B installations on a single Windows machine

Jurko Gospodnetić jurko.gospodnetic at
Mon Nov 25 14:57:48 CET 2013


On 25.11.2013. 14:20, Albert-Jan Roskam wrote:
> Check out the following packages: virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper, tox
> virtualenv + wrapper make it very easy to switch from one python
> version to another. Stricly speaking you don't need
> virtualenvwrapper, but it makes working with virtualenv a whole lot
> easier.Tox also uses virtualenv. You can configure it to sdist your
> package under different python versions. Also, you can make it run
> nosetests for each python version and/or implementation (pypy and
> jython are supported)

   I'll look into using virtualenv and possibly tox once I get into 
issues with mismatched installed Python package versions, but for now 
I'm dealing with installing different Python interpreter versions and, 
unless I'm overlooking something here, virtualenv does not help with 
that. :-(

   Thanks for the suggestion though, I'm definitely going to read up on 
those packages soon. :-)

   Best regards,
     Jurko Gospodnetić

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