How to determine whether client and server are on the same host

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Tue Nov 26 00:41:44 CET 2013

Malte Forkel <malte.forkel at> writes:

> I have a Python application that communicates with a server via
> telnet. Host and port of the server are supplied by the user when the
> application is started.
> How can I determine from within the application whether the server's
> host actually is the local host? (In that case I could implement an
> operation not available in the telnet-based protocol by directly
> accessing the local filesystem.)

On Unix, this is up to the person invoking the program: the “sockets
facility allows for a host-local connection to appear as though it's
going over a network.


In other words: Your program shouldn't go snooping around to
second-guess the connection type; if the user asked for a TCP/IP
connection, that's what they should get. If they want to take advantage
of a local connection, they can use a Unix domain socket.

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