Cracking hashes with Python

Marc marc at
Tue Nov 26 00:58:40 CET 2013

Hashes, by definition, are not reversible mathematically.  The only way to
figure out what they represent is to take plaintext that might be the
plaintext based on anything you might know about the original plaintext
(which is often nothing) and hash it; then see if the hash matches the one
you have.  If it does, you have figured out the plaintext; if it doesn't try
again.  For a tool that does this, look at Rainbow tables.

---------original message----------------------

I have a school project to do where I've to download MD5 Hashes from a
particular website and write a code that will crack them. Does anyone know
where I'll find out more information on how to do this? There's only 4
hashes that I need to do so it doesn't have to be a large script just needs
to be able to download the hashes from the website. Can anyone help me out?

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