Cracking hashes with Python

Denis McMahon denismfmcmahon at
Tue Nov 26 19:17:08 CET 2013

On Tue, 26 Nov 2013 02:30:03 -0800, TheRandomPast wrote:

>>    for value in values:
>         print value


so change this to:
          crackMD5Hash( value )

>> import hashlib 
>> def crackMD5Hash():

Nah .... 

def crackMD5Hash( hash ):
        print "cracking hash:", hash
        some code goes here ...
        print "original string was:", result

Algorithms for cracking md5 hashes is not a python topic, but rather a 
cryptography topic. When you find an algorithm to use, then if you have 
trouble converting it into code we may be able to help with that bit.

Denis McMahon, denismfmcmahon at

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