Cracking hashes with Python

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Wed Nov 27 22:18:47 CET 2013

On Wed, 27 Nov 2013 12:40:41 +0000, TheRandomPast . wrote:

> And dictionary is working, as is the brute force however the issue I
> have having is with my chklength() as no matter how many characters I
> input it skips the !=32 and goes straight to asking the user to chose
> either Brute Force or Dictionary. I want an error to be shown if the
> hash is less than or more than 32 characters but at present this
> chklength() doesn't work as I thought it would.
> Can anyone point out an obvious error that I am missing?

Yes - you don't need to type in the hashes by hand at all.

You have code to read the hashes from a web page as strings.

Read the hashes from the web into a list of hashes.
Read the dictionary file into a list of words.
for each word in the dictionary compare the hashed word with the list of 
hashes, and if you get a match, output the word and the hash.

If you have code to get the hash strings from the web url, it is nuts to 
output them to the screen and then type them back in to the cracking 
program when you can just add the code to get them from the web to the 
cracking program.

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