tkinter bug on mac maverick python 3.3.3

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Nov 28 00:01:52 CET 2013

On 11/27/2013 1:44 PM, Travis Griggs wrote:

> Or are you proposing that Tcl/Tk be moved out of the python core
> distro, and instead delivered as a separate package?

AFAIK, TK is only distributed with the core on Windows, where there is 
no package manager to easily install it. It is required for the turtle 
and idle modules.

> If *this* is
> your proposal, I wholeheartedly agree. Just the other day, I was
> working on putting python3 on a beaglebone black (similar to a
> raspberry pi). It built OK, but I had to ignore lots of warnings
> about Tcl/Tk not working, which of course was a “duh”.

Were you running the test suite? Perhaps you can customize the list of 
expect skips for your particular system. But I am not sure how.

> I was surprised, that among some, there’s a sentiment that python
> core MUST include it. Which was interesting. One of the core
> principles of this language is all about modules and modularity. Why
> can’t the Tcl/Tk module be the same as numpy and scipy and many of
> the other widely installed-after-the-fact-as-appropriate packages?

Nothing in the stdlib uses numpy. It is not a beginner package. Turtle 
and Idle are. Idle is really necessary, at least for many beginners, on 
Windows. Teachers and beginners appreciate being able to load and go.

Terry Jan Reedy

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