Access database - GUI - Python - I need architectural advice

jm.almeras jm.almeras at
Wed Nov 27 22:35:13 CET 2013

Hello !

I wish to develop a database application with a lot of specific 
functionnalities dealing with sound files.

I have developped an Access prototype and run into a first problem : it 
is not so easy to find code working with VBA to extract the duration of 
a sound file. I have found many code samples, none works perfectly with 
all sound files (variable rates, ...).

A second problem I have is that I recently started programming with 
Python, and gosh, the idea of coding with VBA after tasting Python is 
like going back to black & white television after tasting color and 3D !

Access, and more generally VB, is excellent for building the GUI (forms, 
widgets etc.). Python is a great for coding, and it comes with high 
quality libraries... Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can 
build my database app with nice Access-like GUI, and programming with 
Python ?

One idea that has come to my mind is to store python modules in the 
Access database and write VBA code to execute these on the fly... Is 
this crazy ?

Thank you for any ideas you might have...


PS : just to make my need clear and precise, here is a list of 
functionnalities that I will have in my application : register sound 
files with all their characteristics (duration, ...), play (including 
quick listening with acceleration and jumps), register love level for 
each sound file and different users, automatic production of music lists 
based on predefined structures (example of a structure : 20 min 
classical and quiet, 20 min children songs, 30 minutes South American 
music, ... extra sound files like short bird songs being inserted 
randomly here and there, I am thinking of a meta-language to describe 
such a structure) taking into account love level and how long it has not 
been heard, ...

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