Managing Google Groups headaches

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Nov 28 20:55:27 CET 2013

My point was that the list problems in general seem to be related to
usenet.  GG formatting, spam, trolls.  I guess I should have changed the
subject line.  Ditching usenet solves the GG problem and a number of
other problems as well.

>> IOW we are unfortunately conflating two completely unrelated things:
>> 1. GG has some technical problems which are fairly easy to solve
>> 2. All kinds of people hop onto the list. In addition to genuine ones there are 
>>    spammers, trolls, dicks, nuts, philosophers, help-vampires etc etc.
> To add to that:
> 1. In this thread itself there is a quadruple-post

Again, sure this was not due to GG, but it was due to a usenet client.
So again, while usenet isn't the problem per se here, moving away from
usenet would have prevented that particular problem.

> 2. In an adjacent thread there is the mess due to html mail

Guess I never see this since I use thunderbird and I can configure it to
always show plain text.

> 3. Sometime ago there was a long argument around the old and unsettled:
>    Reply vs Reply-all debate

I think the debate was not that but rather should the list messages
default to reply to list or reply to sender.  And I haven't seen that
argument in many years now.  Certainly not in the context of usenet vs
e-mail, which I was addressing.

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