Downloading/Saving to a Directory

MRAB python at
Thu Nov 28 17:51:53 CET 2013

On 28/11/2013 15:19, TheRandomPast . wrote:
> Hi,
> I've created a script that allows me to see how many images are on a
> webpage and their URL however now I want to download all .jpg images
> from this website and save them onto my computer. I've never done this
> before and I've become a little confused as to where I should go next.
> Can some kind person take a look at my code and tell me if I'm
> completely in the wrong direction?
> Just to clarify what I want to do is download all .jpg images on
> <> and save them to a
> directory on my computer.
> Sorry if this is a really stupid question.
> import traceback
> import sys
> from urllib import urlretrieve
> try:
>          print ' imagefiles()'

The regex matches only the names of the images. Try matching their 
entire URLs.

>          images = re.findall(r'([-\w]+\.(?:jpg))', webpage)

For each URL, download the image and save it into the folder. You can
make a path for each image by joining (That's a hint! Look in os.path)
the path of the folder with the name of the image.

>          urlretrieve('', 'C:/images)
>          print "Downloading Images....."
>          time.sleep(5)
>          print "Images Downloaded."

Don't use a 'bare' except. It swallows EVERY exception. Catch only what
you're willing to handle, and let the other exceptions just show

> except:
>          print "Failed to Download Images"
>          raw_input('Press Enter to exit...')
>          sys.exit()
> def main():
>      sys.argv.append('')
>      if len(sys.argv) != 2:
>          print '[-] Image Files'
>          return
>      page = webpage.webpage(sys.argv[1])
>      imagefiles(webpage)

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