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Scott W Dunning swdunning at
Sat Feb 1 01:07:45 CET 2014

You guys are awesome!  I think I was over complicating things for one.  Plus I was looking at some code I wrote for another problem that asked to put in the number of seconds to calculate the problem and I didn’t need some of the things I added to this problem.  Anyways, you guys have given me a lot of help and I think I can get it now.  I’ll post what I got when I’m done so you guys can help with unnecessary code if needed or just to see how you helped.  

On Jan 31, 2014, at 6:51 AM, Neil Cerutti <neilc at> wrote:

> On 2014-01-31, scottwd80 at <scottwd80 at> wrote:
>> Here is the question that was asked and below that I'll paste
>> the code I have so far.
>> **If I leave my house at 6:52 am and run 1 mile at an easy pace
>> (8:15 per mile), then 3 miles at tempo (7:12 per mile) and 1
>> mile at easy pace again, what time do I get home for
>> breakfast?**
> That depends on the directions in which you run. Also, you are
> fast!
> But seriously, my advice is to find the answer the old fashioned
> way first, with pencil and paper. Then you'll have two things you
> don't now:
> 1. A correct answer to test your program's answer with.
> 2. A general idea of how to solve the problem.
> It's often a mistake to start writing code. Eventually you'll be
> able to go directly from problem to code more often, but it will
> take practice.
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> Neil Cerutti
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