Unable to Launch Python 2.7 after Windows 8.1 Update

John Gordon gordon at panix.com
Sun Feb 2 22:16:14 CET 2014

In <c3a0106c-db91-4854-907b-aa66d1d715dd at googlegroups.com> Allison Gray <allison.k.gray at gmail.com> writes:

> I recently obtained a new laptop with Windows 8.1 and installed Python 2.7.=
>  Everything was working fine. Then after my first update, I was unable to l=
> aunch Python. After clicking the Python icon, the thinking cursor activated=
> , but Python never opened. I restored my laptop to a time before the update=
> , and am now able to run Python. I have changed my automatic update setting=
>  to prevent this from happening again but this is less than ideal. Has anyo=
> ne had this problem? Does anyone know what Windows setting would prevent Py=
> thon IDLE from opening?=20

Try opening a command window and run Python from there; that way you'll
be able to see any error mesages that crop up.

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