generator slides review and Python doc (+/- text bug)

wxjmfauth at wxjmfauth at
Mon Feb 3 14:59:26 CET 2014

generator slides review and Python doc

I do not know what tool is used to produce such

When the mouse is over a a text like a title (<H*> ... <\H*> ???)
the text get transformed and a colored eol is appearing.

Example with the slide #3:

Even numbers
Even numbers§

with a visible colored "§", 'SECTION SIGN'

I noticed the same effect with the Python doc
since ? (long time).


The Python Tutorial
appears as 
The Python Tutorial¶

with a visible colored "¶", 'PILCROW SIGN',
blueish in Python 3, red in Python 2.7.6.

And in plenty third party Python docs using
probaly the same tool as the official Python
The eol glyph may vary and may not be a "§" or a "¶".

Windows, Firefox and others.

The .chm files do not seem to be affected.


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